Who am I



I am Uta Mittelstadt.

I am a homeopath (BSc, MSc (University of Central Lancashire, U.K.)), a writer, freelancer, blogger, publisher, a researcher, a lifelong learner, an artist, and a traveler. I am a citizen of the world, as I have grown up in various places across the planet. I am a crab, born in June.

I am very  inquisitive, and always seek to get to the root of things, I research and investigate, and I love to share my findings. I do so in print and online publications, on my blogs, and more regularly for the online magazine ‘CLEVER H. – the Mag‘, of which I am also the founder and editor-in-chief.

When I write, I explore diverse issues and investigate different fields. Naturally I write about homeopathy, yes, but also about health in general, CAM, beauty, wellness, healing, ageing, and more!

I seek to inform and interest the reader! I am precise, reliable and punctual. I stick to deadlines and word-counts.


You can find out more about me here.





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